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Insepes Ltd is a Manchester based Chartered Land Surveying practice dealing solely with boundary matters. The company is regulated by the RICS

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When you're addressing boundary issues you need a focused, dependable expert who can get to the heart of the matter, quickly - Insepes provides:

  • A fresh, energetic approach to disputes which may have rumbled on for years;
  • Clear, succinct plans and reports which isolate and explain key issues to laymen and lawyers alike;
  • Years of experience in gathering, qualifying, collating distilling and presenting data from diverse sources;
  • Tasks always approached as though instructed by the courts;
  • Boundary Dispute and Expert Witness Surveys;
  • CPR part 35 reports, Determined Boundary Application plans, Transfer plans.

See what our clients say:

"He acted in a professional manner at all times and in particular was able to deal directly with members of the public." Ralli LLP

"Kevin demonstrated that he had a full understanding of the role, duties and responsibilities of an expert witness. In particular he was aware of his requirements to the Court as outlined in Part 35 of the Civil procedure Rules."Ralli LLP

Kevin Hainsworth MRICS BSc, Chartered Land Surveyor, Manchester

Kevin Hainsworth MRICS BSc of Insepes ltd. has built a strong reputation over 30 years involvement in land surveying, plan production and report writing. He works exclusively on boundary matters for businesses, lawyers, insurance companies, members of the public and also under the direct order of the Court.

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Other points for consideration

Instructing the wrong expert can sometimes make more work for you, cost you more and delay both closure and payment.

Have you considered a Determined Boundary as an alternative to litigation?

We can produce Determined Boundary plans for submission to the Land Registry.